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Aprons & Chef Wear

Aprons & Chef Wear A wide range of Aprons and Chefs wear available Please contact for details More Info

Super Heavy Cloths For Cleaning And Catering

Available in various sizes and grades. Super heavy weight for strength and durability. More Info

Biofresh Antibacterial Cleaning Cloths

Weights to suit all applications. Easy to segregate cleaning tasks. Antibacterial. More Info

Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

100% bamboo. The ultimate renewable raw material source. Naturally anti-bacterial. ECO-FRIENDLY More Info

Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths

Easy to segregate cleaning tasks. Available in antibacterial. A good all round cleaning cloth. More Info

Floor Cloths

Available in light, medium and heavy weights. Abrasive qualities help to remove stubborn stains. More Info

Woven Floor Cloths

Stronger than a standard floor cloth. Various weights available. Apractically indestructible cloth. More Info

Honeycomb Wiper

100% Cotton. Honeycomb construction gives extra absorption. Great industrial wiper. More Info

Terry Wiper

Generous in size. Ideal for upholstery and leather: Use with steam cleaners if required. More Info

Microfibre Cloth

Fine denier fibre construction. Heat sealed edges for longer life. Heavy weight construction for more... More Info

Plain Oven Gloves

Conform to insulation requirements of BS6526: 1984. Professional catering quality. Washable. Single sided... More Info

Plain Oven Mitt

A professional mitt designed to protect the hands and the upper arm areas. Perfect for moving hot trays from the... More Info

Triple Thick Oven Glove

Triple thick palms for extra protection. A very cost effective glove. More Info

Plain Oven Cloth

Professional catering quality. Washable. More Info

Heavy Woven Oven Cloths

Quality and hard wearing cloth More Info

Heavy Herringbone Oven Cloths

Tightly woven to be more flexible in use. Washable. More Info

Coloured Check Tea Towel

In assorted colours and suitable for all catering applications.       More Info

Cotton Glass Cloth Unidry

Cotton Glass Cloth Unidry one sided terry to dry and one sided glass polisher 100% cotton with green... More Info

Linen Union Glass Cloth

Two quality cloths. Designed to give that professional sparkle. Cotton/linen mix with red, blue or green border. More Info

White Honeycomb Waiter's Cloth

Quality towels for all-purpose drying. For professional use with honeycomb construction. More Info

Terry Tea Towels

6 Designs Available More Info